Hi, I am Kirbie.  I am married to Bo.  We live in a small town in Texas, have one son, Jackson, and two Miniature Schnauzers, that swear they are human, named Pearly Mae and Willie Cash.  My goal is to have Americans to view breastfeeding as a healthy, natural start for babies.  I wish to help relieve the negativity that some have in response to a breastfeeding mother.  I would like to be a resource and support to breastfeeding mothers and help them to be comfortable in their home and in public feeding their babies.  I believe wholeheartedly in the joys, benefits, and ease (once established) of breastfeeding.  This is a place to find recommendations, ask questions, gain support, and just vent about your journey with breastfeeding.  I have breastfed my baby (Jackson) from day one with no supplementation and he did not start solids until well after six months and past 20 pounds!  I am a working mom, a dental hygienist and work 32 hours a week, and I know that it is possible to work and breastfeed fulltime (through breast pumping at work) with no supplementation to ensure a healthy start for your little one.

9 Days Old

Exclusively Breastfed at 6.5 Months

Along with breastfeeding resources and love you will find snippets of my everyday life, my family, my friends, my love for Jesus, my ventures in sewing and cooking/baking, and anything else I might find interesting.  Let me know if there is any way I can be a help to you in deciding to breastfeed.


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