In my experience breastfeeding can be completely painless and sometimes I don’t even feel it at all and forget he is nursing, or assume he fell asleep at the breast.  Let me tell you about my latest encounter where I did actually feel Jackson latched on.  First, let me throw out that Jackson, Bo, and I co-sleep, it works wonderfully for us and allows us all to get more sleep and have more bonding time.  When Jackson wakes in the middle of the night, he will reach out and touch my breast, either with his face or hand, this is a trigger to me to pull my shirt down (I sleep in a very stretchy tank top with a low neckline) to allow him access to his “ninny” (this is a term my family has used since my oldest brother was born for breastfeeding), he latches and away he goes suckling.  I often fall back into a light dose while he is “snacking” and being soothed back to sleep.  Well, last night we had the same thing happen, except apparently I fell into a deeper sleep.  I decided to roll over at some point; problem was…JACKSON WAS STILL LATCHED, OUCH!  I had no clue because that is how breastfeeding can be.  Your breast are MADE for feeding your child.  IF this is the intention, I do not feel that they are intended to hurt while sustaining your baby’s life.  It is all about learning (both baby and momma) how to breastfeed and latch correctly.  It is possible to have no tenderness, pain, cracked nipples (I do not use, nor have I ever past week two, lanolin nipple cream), etc..  Learning the correct method sometimes is a breeze, sometimes it is a little more stressful, but in the long run it is so worth it for all of the nutritional and emotional benefits of breastfeeding your baby.

I know co-sleeping is a very controversial topic, it is completely safe if done correctly.  It has been being practiced since the beginning of time safely.  It allows most parents more sleep and baby a feeling of safeness.  Here are some co-sleeping DO’S and DON’T’s to help you decide if it something for your family.



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