Ok, so there has been a ton of controversy about a photo that has been floating around.  With comments ranging from beautiful to disgusting, abuse of uniform, trying to get reactions, cover up, etc..  Really people?  Let me tell you what I saw when I first saw the picture and my reactions.  I thought it was beautiful; I saw two happy, healthy mommas and three healthy babies getting the nutrition and bonding they need, especially being a military mother with who knows what kind of time restraints.  These two mommas have got to be some of the strongest out there, making sure to BREASTFEED their babies, even with a hectic schedule and during lunch breaks while drilling.  So proud to say that these women are helping us to have the freedom to have an opinion!  What do you think?

People sure do drive me nuts with all of their negativity.  Cover up, umm NO THANKS, you put a cover over your head when you eat.  I do not cover my baby when he eats because he does not like it and I want to be able to see him.  My baby doesn’t ask people chew with their mouths closed, not to talk with food in their mouth, to stop slurping, etc., so don’t ask him to cover up or eat in a “private, more comfortable” place.  Thanks, but we are comfortable RIGHT here where we are 🙂  Feel me?


Your thoughts...

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